Sage Digi is an integrity-first company that practices conscious capitalism

We believe in the 10,000 hours it takes to master a skill.



We are proud to be a minority-owned and female-owned business. We bring brilliance and perspective to the table.


Our team has an elite background in digital marketing. We do not have missed launches. We nail it, then scale it.

Honesty & Transparency

Understanding marketing profitability should be easy. We provide 100% billing and data transparency.

Our team

CEO, Founder
Sharon Park

Account Director

Alex Ioanna
Technical Account Director
Abhirami Venkatesh

Director of Account Strategy

Sid Kaw

Mike Pierce, Account Director

Account Director

Mike Pierce


senior digital marketing strategist

Jessica Leisman
Head of Analytics
Brian O’Sullivan
Principal consultant
Kamal Taylor

Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist

Maddy Kulkarni

Paul Rivera
UX Designer
Ashley Yeo

Sage Digi partners

Seo partner
Kristan Bauer

AI Partner

Danny Castonguay