Declutter your Google Ads account with these spring cleaning tips


Spring is the perfect time to get rid of unwanted things. Just like you would clean your home, scrub, dust and wash things down, spend time reorganizing and decluttering your Google Ads account. We have created a Free Spring Cleaning Toolkit for download from our Sage Guides to help you with some of the Google Ads spring cleaning activities and a demo video on how to use the toolkit. Here are a few simple tips that will help you get the most out of your Spring Cleaning exercise.

Chuck the Junk

  • Pause non-performing keywords, ad groups, campaigns.
  • Pause low search volume keywords that are adding to the clutter.
  • Review your search terms and add appropriate negative keywords to stop spending on those irrelevant clicks.
  • Pause seasonal campaigns that are no longer relevant.

Polish your campaigns

  • Adjust bids of relevant keywords with good performance history to first page bid estimates
  • Increase budgets for campaigns that are underperforming due to a low budget and increase budgets for campaigns that are expected to see a n uptick in demand due to seasonal factors
  • Refine your ad copies to ensure that the ad strength is “excellent” or “good”
  • Create new Responsive Search Ads from existing, top performing Expanded Text Ads (ETA) since ETAs are being phased out this June.
  • Tighten the theme of your campaigns/ad groups.

Get the most out of your new & improved look

Show off your sparkling, shining look to your customers:

  • Review your website, optimize for SEO to ensure people find your business: fix broken links, remove outdated data, etc.
  • Focus on branding and creating awareness for your latest/upcoming launches.
  • Study your audience and ensure that you reach them at every stage of the purchase funnel with updated content.
  • Run seasonal campaigns to capitalize on increased demand.

You could do all the above or just contact the experts at Sage Digi to enhance your Google Ads account!
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