CMO’s – Don’t Let This Moment Go To Waste – Part 2


On Monday, we shared 3 tips on how to use automation, measurement, and SEO to boost productivity. Here are 3 more tips to round-out our series on preparing for 2023. We are forecasting 11 more months of a soft economy in the US market. Remembering that a B2B sales cycle is 18 months, means that today’s work will pay dividends as our economy moves back to an upswing.

4) GA4 – a change in measurement. Google University Analytics is sunsetting. All data will be deleted in 2023, so setting up GA4 now is key. That way you will have yr/yr data next year. Filtering IPs is super important for GA4, because the more noise in the data, the less powerful the audience segmentation will be. Adopting audience segmentation will help you accelerate your storytelling ability with automation.

5) LinkedIn customer acquisition and brand awareness campaigns are outperforming all other channels given the channel is well-developed. I have found that outsourcing LinkedIn takeovers for key players on the team leads to huge gains. This takes time and more workflow automation. Give this time and the platform will unleash it’s monetization power for B2B firms.

6) Host webinars with guests and co-market them. Do this to sell your expertise and your unique value propositions. Webinars should be hosted on Thursdays at 11AM according to Luna. This is the key time for peak registration and engaged buyers.


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Fattmerchant Uses Zapier and Offline Conversion Tracking To Win More Business
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Conversion tracking, when the conversion happens offline, is tricky. Automate how Conversion Tracking updates with this important integration. By doing this, Fattmerchant can now re-evaluate their tCPA and value of SQLs based on incoming campaign data. They also save up to three and a half hours every week on manually uploading their CRM conversion data to Google Ads.

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