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Automation and A Hard Look At Data

Challenging economic times bring out the best in performance advertising teams.

Over the last year, and especially over the last 90 days, the market has shifted in a very palpable tangible way. Meta laid-off 11,000 people mainly in the business, recruiting, and advertising sectors. VCs have been pulling back investments.

However, we want to share that there is still a lot of profit to be made if we utilize the latest tactics.

This is the time for marketers to look hard at campaign data and workflow automation.

We at Sage sit at the intersection of data and advertising. From this perspective, here are 3 trends we see in the industry for 2023. We will send 4 more later this week! 

1) Customers are becoming much more savvy. From an average of 7 touch points before sale, they are moving towards 11 touch points. Maximizing story-telling through automation can meaningfully slash budgets and reverse a slow-down in productivity. 

2) Google is driving customer acquisition at multiple levels – awareness, content distribution via SEO partnerships, and high-intent paid search. SEO projects are the most neglected part of digital advertising strategies across industries. A solid keyword strategy with regular content development and high-quality backlinks is needed to reduce dependencies on paid ads.

Google updated its algorithm on October 22nd which caused a disturbance in the force. The update was centered around spam. That’s the official stance. Unofficially we see a lot of chatter and big swings in search engine rankings. If your web traffic has dropped off, look into a technical audit. Google is updating it’s algorithm more frequently and with larger impacts, especially to small websites with less than 10,000 visitors per month. If this is you, SEO could be more important than ever.

Performance Advertising and Paid Ads can evolve into a more powerful profit engine for businesses in 2023. Let’s be sure to chat about these best practices at our next call!

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