Case Study: B2C Brand – Google Search


Industry: B2C Supplement Brand

Timeframe: 6 Months

The Problem
A household supplement brand was selling digitally for the first time on Amazon and needed to leverage all online best practices to grow the brand’s revenue.

Campaign Goals

Launch Google Search Ads and capture people who want to buy supplements, driving them into the brand’s Amazon store.


We leveraged paid Search to generate $800,000 per week in online sales.

Return on Ad Spend

Higher CTR than Industry Benchmark

Overall, the brand invested $1.8M in advertising spend across Google Search, Amazon Search, and YouTube resulting in $19M in revenues.

Extensive Search Keyword Campaigns

We built-out a 1100 keyword campaign to match every different way a person could search for the brand’s top products. We built for seasonality, demand, and profitability of each product. Over 6 months, Sage Digi tested thousands of variations of ad copy that were pre-approved by the supplement brand’s legal team, and were able to achieve a CTR 3x higher than industry benchmarks. We were able to capture 97% of all searchers who Googled the brand name and sent them straight into the Amazon store to complete their online purchases.

The Secret Sauce

Amazon does not share data with advertisers who send traffic from other platforms like Google into Amazon. Why? Because it’s the clash of the Titans. Amazon and Google do not play well together in the sandbox. 

Sage Digi structured start-stop tests and ran extensive data analysis that prove the return on ad spend in the 20 top products we marketed on Google Search. 

We also leveraged our extensive network throughout both tech giants to implement the Amazon Attribution Beta and helped the supplement brand become the first-to-market in measuring the effectiveness of cross-platform marketing. 

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