Case Study: B2C Brand – YouTube


Case Study: B2C Brand – YouTube

Case Study

Industry: B2C Supplement Brand

Timeframe: 6 Months

The Problem

A household name brand was popular among Gen-X and Baby Boomers but had almost no purchase intent loyalty from Millennials, a difficult group to influence and a key demographic to the future of the business.

Campaign Goals

Grow brand awareness and purchase intent via YouTube TrueView ads and grow the brand’s value with ad recall and purchase intent studies.


Now Millennials know the brand and say they want to buy the brand.


Lift in Ad Recall


Lift in Consumer Intent to Purchase

YouTube Branding campaign exceeds ad recall benchmark by 3.2X and purchase intent by 4.25X

Audience Targeting at Scale

Leveraging guidance from the brand, we targeted Millennials and Gen-z to teach the product benefits. The groups weren’t aware of the product nor how to differentiate among them when shopping for vitamins. We built out campaigns by gender, age, household income, and interests, such as parents with young children in the home. Messaging complemented each group’s unique interests. 

Brand Campaigns

With our creative partners we launched a YouTube campaign with careful creative rotation and frequency capping ensuring that we reached millions of potential customers over the course of 6 months at a cost-per-view 60% lower than the industry benchmark. The volume of sales in the Amazon store continued to grow, peaking at $800,000 in a single DAY! Prime Day!

Back up – what is brand lift?

Once your ads campaigns start running, Google will start showing your Brand Lift surveys on YouTube, before a video starts. These surveys will be shown to the following groups:

  • People who have seen your ads
  • People who were eligible to see your ads, but didn’t see them

The difference in the responses between the group who saw your ads and the group who didn’t will determine the influence your ads have on key brand metrics, such as ad recall, awareness, consideration and purchase intent. 

This process continues as long as your campaigns are running. After a person receives a survey, they won’t be surveyed again for the next 28 days.

At the recommended budget minimum, you can expect to detect lift once you receive 4,100 responses per lift metric.

Purchase Intent

Ad Recall

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