ZenBusiness grows YOY customer acquisition by 400% with first party data and automation.

Industry: B2B Financial Software

Timeframe: 12 months


Zach Rippstein, VP Marketing,
“Instead of spending time constantly adjusting bids and campaigns, we can now devote our time to more impactful areas like ad copy testing, conversion optimizations, and growing new channels.”

The Challenge

ZenBusiness, an Austin-based startup, makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow successful businesses. They needed to hit their target customer acquisition costs (CAC) while scaling conversion volume to reach more high-intent customers with efficient acquisition costs—but didn’t have access to the signals to identify high-quality customers, or to automation solutions to swiftly adjust Google Ads bids in quick-changing market conditions.

The Approach

To effectively scale with Google’s automation tools, ZenBusiness knew they must first improve the quality of their lead signals. They did this by importing multiple offline actions (and associated values) from their CRM using offline conversion tracking (OCT) to qualify each prospect’s lead-to-sale journey. From there, they created smart bidding portfolios (aka Portfolio Bidding strategies) to consolidate over 150 campaigns, and created CAC goals for each customer segment. The last step was to use Target CPA to begin optimizing toward volume and value.

We achieved


increase in YOY customer acquisition growth


savings in acquisition costs

Proven results

By consolidating their strategies and activating the right customers with Smart Bidding, ZenBusiness grew YOY customer acquisition by +400 percent, with +25 percent acquisition costs savings. They now exceed acquisition targets and set performance records.

Smart Bidding helps them respond to market changes in real time, ensuring coverage when and where it matters. Ads automation has also freed the team to focus on high-level strategies, upper-funnel testing, and mobile performance.

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