FireEye launches new SaaS platform with Discovery ads

Industry: B2B Software

Timeframe: 4 months


Craig Chappell, Vice President,
Digital Marketing

“We have been very pleased with the performance of Discovery ads generating free sign-up conversions for the platform. The results prove that the channel is an integral part of the marketing mix, providing additional reach and a cost-effective CPA in our target markets.”

The Challenge

In the midst of COVID-19 and tectonic shifts within the B2B industry, FireEye quickly pivoted to launch its first SaaS-based self-serve solution, Mandiant Advantage. To support the launch, FireEye needed to diversify beyond Search campaigns and build brand awareness and consideration through a full-funnel strategy. Its goal was to drive free signups under a $200 CPA.

The Approach

The Q4 launch plan consisted of branded and non-branded Search, Discovery, Display, and TrueView for Action. A hyper-targeted audience strategy was key to reach the niche ideal customer profile: enterprise B2B companies looking for threat intelligence solutions. This strategy included remarketing to website visitors and video viewers, as well as Custom Intent, In-Market, and Combined Audiences to reach larger companies. FireEye commissioned an agency for best-in-class creative that followed all best practices for a unified approach.

We achieved


of free sign-ups attributed to Discovery ads

CVR% vs Paid Search

under CPA goal

Proven results

In its first four months, Discovery campaigns drove 653 free signups, 20% of total volume, at an $88 CPA, which was 56% under FireEye’s goal. Discovery has been a critical efficiency driver and a key lever in scaling signups for Mandiant Advantage.

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