Fattmerchant acquires more SQLs using Zapier and Offline Conversion Tracking

Industry: B2B Financial Software

Timeframe: 12 months


Eric Simmons, Digital Marketing Specialist

“The Google-Zapier integration is such a time saver. We set up in minutes, and now my offline conversions get piped into Google Ads instantly.”

The Challenge

A leading payment technology company, Fattmerchant brings seamless payment processing to merchants of all sizes. They wanted to drive a large volume of high-quality demo and consultation requests from prospects to provide the right payment service packages. Sales are qualified and closed offline, so they sought an automated solution to pass back final conversion metrics, optimize Google Ads campaigns for qualified leads, and enhance their sales team’s efficiencies.

The Approach

To determine which campaigns were generating a higher volume of sales-qualified leads (SQLs), Fattmerchant used Zapier, an automation tool, to connect their CRM to Google’s offline conversion tracking (OCT) solution. The setup took under ten minutes, enabling Fattmerchant to automatically import anonymized offline ad conversions into their Google Ads account in real time.

We achieved


increase in sales-qualified leads


hours/week saved on CRM uploads

Proven results

By automating their offline conversion tracking with this quick integration, Fattmerchant can now re-evaluate their tCPA and value of SQLs based on incoming campaign data. They also save up to three and a half hours every week on manually uploading their CRM conversion data to Google Ads. They can make real-time decisions on the leads driving the most cost-effective conversions, and strategically shift budgets to capture more qualified leads and optimize toward business outcomes. As a result, Fattmerchant saw a 50 percent increase in SQLs.

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