Commercial Bank

Industry: Commercial Bank

Timeframe: 6 months

Bank Case Study

The Problem

A commercial real estate loan bank had Google Ads running but could not get enough volume of leads for it to be a significant growth driver for the business.

Campaign goals

  • Increase reach of target demographic and drive higher volume of leads at $100 CPA.

We achieved


Lower Cost Per Conversion


Increased Leads

Sage solutions


We tore down existing ads and built brand new campaigns from scratch to maximize control, and reframed analytics goals to track the right metrics for profitability.

Ad Copy

We wrote custom ad copy to match with search queries (terms) and drive higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and tested different Call’s-to-Action (CTAs).


We restarted campaigns with adjusted bids and incrementally changed them based on Sage Digi’s proven process to hit Cost-Per-Action (CPA) goals.

Proven results

From Aug 2018 -Aug 2019, Sage Digi increased reach with commercial bank’s target audience by 40% while trimming $50,000 of wasted ad spend leading to the company’s most profitable year to date.

The differentiator is in our approach to data and understand the true drivers of profits. It’s not just about cost per lead, it’s about which leads close and become paying customers.


20% increase


42% increase

Cost Per Lead

48% decrease

B2B Bank Case Study bar chart

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