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Sage Your Branding

What will brand advertising look like in 2023? Utilize the below strategy to grow inbound demand with very targeted storytelling.

Target Your Audience At the Right Time

People are spending more and more time online, so we have an almost infinite amount of data to reach them. By implementing an intelligent GA4 set-up, marketers will have a powerful tool to target potential customers with custom messaging.

Simon Kahn, VP of marketing at Google, explains, “brands will have data to define user needs, design better experiences, and deliver the right message at the right time. Responsible data-driven analysis will be key to helping brands find their way through a complex and noisy media landscape.”

But how do we utilize data to build the brand? And how do we do this with smaller branding budgets? Oftentimes, marketers end up wasting budgets by showing ads to people who are not interested in the brand. This is true across all verticals and industries.

To make a powerful branding campaign, especially for luxury and B2B businesses, use the following Sage tactic:

Branding with a Sniper Approach

1) Create four unique landing pages that match different customer profiles

2) Utilize GA-4 to build these different audiences

3) Load these audiences into Search, and Social ad platforms with messaging that is specific to their interests.

4) Launch these ads and rotate your monthly story to keep the narrative fresh.

5) Complement these highly focused campaigns by building look-alike audiences.

6) Hit – ‘Em with a 1-2 punch. Show the ad and email them using similar vocabulary and themes. This tactically, especially, will help reinforce your message.

Using the above strategy, marketers can build a brand narrative with far smaller budgets than traditional branding approaches. This highly-targeted approach can drive powerful results. Aim to show ads 4-7 times per unique individual over three months.

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