3 Cost-Effective Small Business Advertising Ideas


The small business community is a tightly-knit group of savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. The team of Sage Digi can relate! With an average of 1,600 small businesses per city, it’s important to identify how you can make yours stand out. The answer: smart advertising. We like to think of this as a harmonized balance of promoting your business, reaching target audiences, and most importantly, seeing a return on your investment.

Whether you’re reworking current business marketing strategies or you’re dipping your toes into the world of business advertising, here are cost-effective ways you can promote your business.

Local Advertising

The Internet is a big place with countless advertising opportunities for businesses of every size. With so many options, where’s the best place to start? You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew or set unrealistic expectations (that’s where we come into play to help set a game plan!). Our advice: start local.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, the best place to start is close to home. There are many ways to do this, from paid and “unpaid” approaches. Here are some ideas we recommend:

  • Claim and optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Create, maintain, and promote online reputation
  • Claim, verify, and create local business listings
  • Work with a local ad agency
  • Utilize paid local advertising
  • Collaborate with other local businesses for cross promotion

Whether you’re interested in creating a paid advertising strategy from scratch or revamping an existing plan (with a little help), check out our free templates and tools to make the right marketing decisions!

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Social Media

Let’s be honest – who isn’t on social media these days? Friends, family, celebrities, and yes – your favorite local businesses. There are a ton of pros that social media offers to small businesses, from showcasing products and services, to engaging with customers, and even reaching new customers.

What if we told you there’s one marketing bit that can help you accomplish all of this?

Utilizing paid advertising on social media is the answer. From Facebook to Instagram and LinkedIn, expand your business marketing strategy with paid advertising. Unsure where or how to start setting up ads? The Sage Digi team is ready to put together a strategy for you – contact us to chat more!

A Tip from Sage Digi: Facebook and Instagram engagement have both taken a huge hit over the last two years. We recommend utilizing LinkedIn to get the most engagement.

Attend, Host, or Sponsor Local Events

As a small business ourselves, being present in the local community is something we’re super passionate about. No matter your marketing budget, there’s always wiggle room to devote time to either attend, host, or sponsor local events. Perhaps you can donate a service to others in need, or lend your storefront to an ecommerce business who is hosting a pop-up.

Not only does this help your business gain visibility in the community, but it also showcases your interests, passions, beliefs, and support for those around you. As we said before, small businesses are a tough and tight-knit group. Let’s support each other the best we can and everyone will benefit!

Connect with us to discuss your business marketing strategy, what you’d like to improve, and how Sage can get you there!

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