2023 Top Tech Tips to Supercharge Your Ads



All of Advertising Depends on Software

Set it up the right way and supercharge your targeting!

A new VP of Marketing steps onto the scene. 99 times out of 100, this person has to architect a CRM, Email, Ads, and Analytics system. This can be complicated and best practices found online are often from paid posts so they are hard to trust.

Here is a fail-safe way to build your web architecture. These 6 steps will ensure that you gather all of the data that feeds marketing decisions. The insights you gain will help you scale-up your acquisition efforts better and faster than the competition.

1) Analytics is the source of it all. If you haven’t upgraded, here’s how. Create segmented audiences in your Analytics. These segments will power your ability to target relevant messaging to your customers.

2) Connect Connect Connect. Have you linked your Google Ads to your Analytics? What about LinkedIn? What about your CRM? These all need to be integrated and it’s easy to do. You don’t need a developer in order to connect your platforms.

3) Your CRM needs power your advertising. Everyone gets this wrong. They think ads should get leads that go into your CRM. This is backwards. Your CRM needs to power your ads and you can only do this if your platform is connected to your ads accounts. Missing this is perhaps the most expensive mistake a marketer can make because of data loss.

4) Feed keyword data into your CRM. Your keyword that triggered a person to click and visit your website should be stored at the customer level. Missing this is missing out on the gold that you paid for! Store keyword level data at the customer level and then build-out keyword variations that are working the best for you.

5) Align your CRM segments with your Analytics segments. Any visitor to your website should be segmented and align with your CRM stages. Get this right and your sales teams will be exceptionally busy. Use these segments to target ads and also to build look-alike models. Look-alike audiences are a technology that LinkedIn and Google and Meta provide for free. We like free.

6) Connect your CRM to your Mailchimp / Email platform. Each audience should be receiving tweaks on your core message that is specific to the keyword that they searched for. Relevance leads to open rates. Open rates lead to deals.

Get this architecture right and you’re beating your competition by making more data-informed decisions, eliminating waste in your ad budgets, and gathering valuable insights.

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