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“We initially decided to work with Sage Digital Marketing because of their combined 10+ years of experience at Google and the thoughtful ROI-driven plan they shared with us. Sage quickly built Joy a robust Search Ads & Paid Social Ads strategy. We partnered together to optimize performance over 6 months and honed-in on gathering valuable data. They are focused on how to aggressively grow Joy in a fiercely competitive space.  Sage’s work supported us in leading effective discussions with investors and presenting a mature LTV/CAC marketing strategy. For businesses that need a true expert in growth marketing, we highly recommend working with Sage Digital Marketing. Oh, and also, they are great people – the kind that make weekly calls enjoyable.”

Vishal Joshi

CEO & Founder, Joy

“I highly recommend working with Sage Digital and Sharon – they were instrumental in allowing us to test our market, understand our true customer, and identify the appropriate campaigns to double-down on. Remedy would not be the brand it is today without Sage’s help.”

Paul Rivera

CEO & Founder, Remedy.ph

“I was initially struck by Sharon’s competitive spirit and the way she channeled creativity and brilliance to achieve her goals. In a tech paradigm where the critical basics could sometimes be an afterthought, Sharon brought an old school sense of forthrightness and contagious clarity. Pair that with her charisma and natural ability to speak to an audience, and you get an inspirational leader, who was, at that time, the beating heart of our Display Ads Specialist team at Google. When you partner with Sage Digital, you gain a partner who can truly relate to people and genuinely care for them.”

Evan Blaser

10 years Google Business Analyst, Photographer, Evan Blaser Photography

“Sharon single handedly brought our social media and advertising strategy from non-existent to a regular piece of our sales and marketing, laying the foundation with our team piece by piece. Sage takes the time to walk us through the most important metrics to track and the best ROI activities for a restaurant like ours. We then were able to turbo-boost our Hawaiian feast sales with these new ads and social media strategies which has been an important part of keeping our staff employed during the pandemic. Thank you so much, Sage Digital & Sharon!”

Joyce Tang

Owner, Sunday Gather & La Chinoiserie

“Sharon Park is someone with whom I have spent much of the last year building the performance display business for retail at Google. She is a category expert with deep knowledge of the vertical’s challenges and the warp speed growth of performance display. Sharon is someone I routinely turn to in order to diagnose advertising campaigns not meeting their stated goals – she understands the inner workings of the ecosystem very well. What sets Sharon apart, however, is her ability to convey this domain expertise with precision and care. She can communicate the most complicated topics to even a novice with warmth, candor and trust. Her presentation skills are remarkable and yet perfectly natural and consultative. As the online advertising marketplace increases in complexity, it will be a mix of technical knowledge and communication skills that win the day. Sharon will no doubt be an asset to those who are lucky enough to work with her. “

Emily Del Greco

Digital Marketing Executive with 18 years of experience, Founder, Del Greco Solutions

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