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“We partnered with Sage Digital because of their combined 10+ years of experience at Google and the thoughtful, ROI-driven plan they shared with us. Sage quickly developed and optimized a robust strategy for Joy, laser-focused on aggressive growth in a fiercely competitive space. For businesses seeking true expertise in growth marketing, we highly recommend working with Sharon and the team at Sage. They are also great people – the kind that make weekly calls enjoyable.”

Vishal Joshi

CEO & Founder, Joy

“We knew from the very first meeting that Sage Digi was the right fit for us. Not only were Sharon and her team smart and savvy but we felt a common bond and a sense of like-heartedness that can be rare in business. Experienced and on top of the latest changes in the industry, Sage Digi creates an impressive ROI and provides a fierce sagacity that helps guide our company initiatives in the digital ad space. Top-notch professionals with soul. If there’s a Sharon Park and Alex Ioanna fan club, sign us up!!

Rachel Fresco

CEO & Founder, Biocidin

We chose to work with Sage Digital Marketing because of their drive and communication to make our company better. From the very start they jumped in to figure out our problems and come up with creative solutions to help us interface with our customers in a more effective manner. Everyday I can rest assured that Sage has our best interest at heart. If you are in the market to get Google Ads up-to-date and efficient I recommend the experts at Sage!

Samantha Polayes

Sales Director, Sheathing Technologies

Visit Santa Cruz advocates for the local tourism industry and we support hundreds of businesses in becoming more discoverable online. One of our core values in selecting partners is transparency. Does the agency provide clear data and a summary of work they have provided for us? We chose to work with Sage because they lead with transparency and showed us samples of their work during our selection process. Working with Sage is great because each week during our calls, we are learning from industry professionals who are extremely knowledgeable in the field. Also, we’re working with a team of individuals who consistently provide keen attention to our goals while maintaining our budget each month. We definitely recommend working with Sage.”

Maggie Ivy

CEO, Visit Santa Cruz County, santacruz.org

“I highly recommend working with Sage Digital and Sharon – they were instrumental in allowing us to test our market, understand our true customer, and identify the appropriate campaigns to double-down on. Remedy would not be the brand it is today without Sage’s help.”

Paul Rivera

CEO & Founder, Remedy.ph

“I was initially struck by Sharon’s competitive spirit and the way she channeled creativity and brilliance to achieve her goals. In a tech paradigm where the critical basics could sometimes be an afterthought, Sharon brought an old school sense of forthrightness and contagious clarity. Pair that with her charisma and natural ability to speak to an audience, and you get an inspirational leader, who was, at that time, the beating heart of our Display Ads Specialist team at Google. When you partner with Sage Digital, you gain a partner who can truly relate to people and genuinely care for them.”

Evan Blaser

10 years Google Business Analyst, Photographer, Evan Blaser Photography

“Sharon single handedly brought our social media and advertising strategy from non-existent to a regular piece of our sales and marketing, laying the foundation with our team piece by piece. Sage takes the time to walk us through the most important metrics to track and the best ROI activities for a restaurant like ours. We then were able to turbo-boost our Hawaiian feast sales with these new ads and social media strategies which has been an important part of keeping our staff employed during the pandemic. Thank you so much, Sage Digital & Sharon!”

Joyce Tang

Owner, BakeSum

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