Data Consulting

We ensure you have the right software in place with proper data flowing between your platforms, so you know exactly how profitable your ads are.

Data Architecture

We will need to lay the foundation before we build the house. We review your entire marketing analytics set-up from your ads platforms to your CRM. We work with your team to fix any cracks or data leakages and ensure data is flowing the right way. This will forever set your business up for marketing success.

CRM Integrations

Do you have the right software in place to measure how profitable your ads are?

If you look at the image above, you can see that a potential customer has first read about your business through an email marketing campaign. Then, they researched more about your company on LinkedIn. There, they found a paid LinkedIn post, clicked on it and read it. Third, they did a quick Google Search and found your AdWords Ad to learn more. Finally they reached out via your “contact us,” and a sales person scheduled a meeting with them which ultimately led to a paid customer. Dream scenario.

Now, which of these marketing channels receives the credit for leading to a paid customer? Is it HubSpot, LinkedIn, or Google? Right now, all of them are getting credit in their own reporting dashboards but that would mean you’re counting 3 overall customers when you only acquired one.

We guide you through this process known as multi-touch attribution. We ensure you have the right software in place with proper data flowing between your platforms. This includes your CRM, Ads, Analytics, and Social Media efforts. It isn’t an easy problem to solve but there is always a way to integrate data and ultimately see a more robust, more comprehensive report that measures your Return On Ad Spend, or ROAS. When a business can properly allocate credit to each marketing effort, a CEO can quickly decide where to invest more time and money for sustainable, profitable growth.

Google Analytics Optimization: Landing Pages and Conversions

We provide a weekly synopsis of your ad campaigns and always bring new opportunities to grow your business. We bring your team to focus on the right metrics – growth and profits. We also provide competitive insights and a plan to win through advertising.

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