B2C Case Study: Series A Software Company Achieves Hockey-Stick Growth



Joy is an all-in-one wedding management platform. Sage and Joy partnered when Joy was in Seed stage. Over the course of 2 years, we scaled to achieve massive growth and Joy has successfully raised $47.5M to date. Sage Digi and Team Joy worked with the objective of boosting user sign-ups and registry creations. Sage Digi’s expertise in creating a customized performance marketing strategy for Joy resulted in the client seeing over 700% growth in Y/Y conversions, at 50% higher than the industry average,  while maintaining CPCs at lower-than-industry levels.


We leveraged multi-channel paid Search to grow ROI by over 700%.


Increase in Conversions


Higher CTR than Industry Benchmark

Overall, the brand invested $500K in advertising spend in Google Search.

  • Multi-channel PPC campaigns
  • Scale cheap wedding-adjacent keywords that convert
  • Optimize & enhance existing campaigns to improve profitability. 


Sage built-out a comprehensive account that is structured to match every different way a person could search for the brand’s top products. Every campaign, existing or new, across every channel, was built for seasonality, demand, and profitability of each product. Over 6 months, Sage Digi tested and implemented hundreds of keywords and several variations of ad copy that helped drive stellar profits. Our campaigns were able to achieve 713% growth in y/y conversions with CTR 50% higher than industry benchmarks at 22% lower CPCs. 

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