Case Study: B2B Executive Software

Industry: B2B Executive Software

Timeframe: 12 Months


Positive Intelligence is a software for executive coaches and corporate executives to help teams experience immediate and sustained improvements in both wellbeing and performance. This transformation is supported through a 6-week course. The business wanted to grow further via Google and LinkedIn advertising for the first time. Sage Digi partnered with their marketing team to both architect the plan, create media plans, and execute. We achieved 100% Y/Y growth in revenue.

Campaign Goals

  • Grow from $4M annually to $6M over the next year via adoption. 
  • Test paid ads for the first time and pivot messaging based on performance. 

We Achieved


Growth in Y/Y Revenue


Reduction in Cost Per Lead Since Launch

Account Rebuild

We thoroughly researched the personal transformation industry and built a robust keyword strategy that negated all irrelevant traffic and maximized traffic from the right audience sets.

Maximized Machine Learning

We connected all of the data pipes to enhance machine-learning in order to maximize performance and drive maximum ROI.

Effective Targeting Across Channels

We A/B tested messaging and targeting in LinkedIn each month. As part of a structured approach, we grew LinkedIn audience segments 2 months in advance to maximize impact.


Proven Results

Sage Digi’s efforts increased ROI and profitability with Positive Intelligence’s revenue growing 100% Y/Y while reducing the cost per lead by 60%.

The differentiator is in our approach to data and understand the true drivers of profits. It’s not just about cost per lead, it’s about which leads close and become paying customers.

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